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How did Victorian women manage to use the facilities in their restrictive dresses? Answer by Therese Oneill , Author of Unmenntionable! A lot of us have sort of trained our bodies to relieve themselves at near the same time every day, and if you were a Victorian woman, you would have eaten, drank, and taken physical exercise at about the same time each day. So women would of course try to time their evacuations for the morning and night, when they were disrobed.
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How to Pee Anywhere

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When Nature Calls in Nature - A Girl's Guide to Peeing in the Wilderness » Just Roughin It

No matter how careful she is, no matter how her bigass purse teems with delicate, fluttery paper products and hand lotion and tampons and aspirin and band aids, there will come a time in every woman's life when she's faced with a desperate pee situation. A toilet will be clogged, a bathroom inaccessible, the line for the bar's commode buzzing with bug-eyed coke users who can't wait to spend 10 minutes in there jabbering about how they're best friends now and isn't this music awesome? She will have to take a piss in a place that isn't a traditional sit-down toilet situation, and so will you. Here's how to do it without getting pee all over yourself, getting arrested, or accidentally urinating for an audience. Before we talk about urinating in sinks and on dumpsters and in Pringles cans and the such, let me stress that I'm not advocating breaking into a stranger's house and pissing into his house plants. But I'm also not judging whatever circumstances led to you being in a place so uncivilized that it doesn't even have proper toilet fixtures in the first place. Maybe you and your friend went home with some dudes who promised that they had a party at their house, but the party turned out to be "their roommate watching Scarface and shots of Popov vodka chased with swigs of regular Pepsi from a shared can" and then by the time you leave their house at am which of course is in West Bumblefuck, the Land of No Cabs , you realize that it's a 20 minute walk to the nearest train station and there's nary a 24 hour cafe in sight.
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Women, Facing Closed Bathrooms and Fearing the Virus, Embrace Peeing Outside

But let's be real — everybody does gross stuff, from 'digging for gold' in your nose to letting one rip! Men tend to let it all hang out, but for ladies, it's not always so easy to admit that life isn't all just roses and gumdrops — sometimes we need to be gross, too! That's why we're here to address a very important part of the conspiracy of silence: peeing in the shower. Now, it ain't ladylike, but whoever decided what is and isn't ladylike, anyway? I'd like to have a chat — but it sure is satisfying!
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Find some privacy. Then you need to find a low bush, rock, etc. Or, get a group of friends to create a privacy wall for you. Whatever you choose, do the squat test first and make sure from your viewpoint you are hidden — or ask a hiking friend to check if they can see you. Check for Dangers.
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